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William Green
I heard about this WAD for months before getting a chance to play it. Plenty of hype mostly due to the size, but I wasn't terribly impressed. The level is proportionally large, but doesn't do much with the space it has. The larger areas contain little to nothing in the way of detail. Gameplay is slow from beginning to end, so it can be finished very quickly. However, the biggest downfall is the most annoying, deceiving, and incredibly stupid setup in history: a Boss Shooter without a Boss Brain. If that wasn't bad enough, the author made the Boss Shooter accessable; it's invisible, so you can stand there and watch cubes being launched from thin air. The layout of the level is generally good, but texture alignment isn't exactly the high point of the level and the moving Doortraks don't help. After all this it manages the worst offender of all: sounds. However, these can be easily removed, and the level, such as it is, can be played normally. With some work this could be a very nice level, but in its current form it's not much different from several thousand other levels... images/yao_01.jpg