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Level Review: HRB.WAD
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Yonatan Donner modified his two Pursuit levels to create a gift for DooM's fifth birthday. Dead Perfect is the result. These may have been DeathMatch levels, but you won't be able to tell the difference between them and Hell Revealed.

MAP01 2:27
Brick style, with extreme violence. Once you survive the first few seconds the rest is relatively easy. Those Revenants are kept outside by a Block Monster line enabling you to pick them off at your convenience. The Cyberdemon at the end is also quite easy... images/hrb_01.jpg

MAP02 2:14
Outdoor style similar to Dead Progressive. Teleporting Chaingunners can be eliminated fairly safely by standing on one of the Teleporter Destinations. The final half contains another hoarde of teleporting Chaingunners in addition to the obligatory Cyberdemon... images/hrb_02.jpg