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Level Review: ALOHA999.WAD
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I downloaded this WAD from a "Best Levels" list, but how it got there I'll never know. The layouts of most levels are okay, but details such as texture alignment are nonexistent. The design styles vary, but the author just can't seem to grasp one of them, although he does have the right ideas. Every level is too easy, even on Ultra-Violence. This WAD has nothing to offer that you can't get somewhere else. It's also very likely that if you do find a WAD with similar designs it will be better than this one.

E2M1 2:18
A decent way to begin an episode. Small, with only minor opposition. Much like the rest of the set it's very dark, with unmarked doors and other such things most players find annoying... aloha_01.jpg

E2M2 2:28
Pretty much identical in style to the last, but with a few more monsters. What should've been a nice outdoor structure is marred by the absence of texture alignment... aloha_02.jpg

E2M3 5:26
More of the same. The design shows a bit more intelligence this time, but texture alignment is still absent. Oddly, 99% Kills was the most I could ever acquire here. I've looked over the level many times to see what I'd been missing, but without success... aloha_03.jpg

E2M4 4:38
As you move quickly through an empty field you are greeted by the collective roar of ten Cyberdemons. A momentary look around and you realize they are caged. They pose absolutely no threat to you, considering the amount of time you'll spend in this area. You can forget about killing them, because you haven't half the ammo the task requires. Because of this, 85% Kills is the maximum. There are two more Cyberdemons, bringing the grand total to twelve, of which only one can be killed. The rest of the level consists of dark corridors (surprise!) and an annoying series of lifts in the Red Key room... aloha_04.jpg

E2M5 7:18
This one begins with a maze. Not the first thing I look for in a level. It might be tolerable if it had more monsters in it, or if it were smaller. Either way, a change or two should've been made. To exit the maze you need to lower a few walls, but they aren't lowered by switches. Instead, they're triggered by a set of unmarked lines scattered throughout the maze. Once you finally do exit the maze, the rest of the level is relatively painless. Again, it shows some sign of intelligence on the part of the author. The layout is nothing new, but it's got potential in the gameplay category. Too bad that potential is never realized... aloha_05.jpg

E2M6 5:06
This one is just bad. Texture choices are awful and look how those Flats line up. Ugly from beginning to end with nothing worthwhile in between. To be fair, though, the gameplay was tolerable... aloha_06.jpg

E2M7 5:18
Marble is the main texture in this level. Lots of passages hidden with solid textures and plenty of monsters behind them all. Unfortunately, that doesn't make this any more challenging, though the close-quarters fights with Barons may give less agile players some problems... aloha_07.jpg

E2M8 4:02
True to Babel, this level is short, straightforward, and very little fun. The obligatory Cyberdemon is easily dealt with and the rest of the party isn't any more difficult... aloha_08.jpg