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Old News Archive

9/18/08 - "Let's fly away through the rain; Fly high to ease the burning pain; Oh, the colors fading out; The light is shining in the night; It's up to you, it's worth the fight; Search before the colors fade; Here we stand, bound forevermore; We're out of this world, until the end; Here we are, mighty, glorious; At the end of the rainbow; With gold in our hands", Hammerfall, At The End Of The Rainbow.

2/23/04 - "Yeah, if I make it I'd be amazed just to find tomorrow; One more day and I'd be amazed just to see it waiting; If I make it I'm still alone, no more hope for better days; If I could change then I'd really be amazed.", The Offspring, Amazed.

1/4/03 - "You thought you could find yourself, in someone else's soul; But time has the final take and finally takes its toll; And you can't turn the water into stone, you're only flesh and bone; Your wishing well is well enough alone; And love has a mind all of it's own, builder of a broken home.", Seventh Key, Broken Home.

12/26/02 - "And what have started long ago; Is heading towards the end; There's no easy way out; There's blood on my hands; But I am sure in the end; I will prove I was right; Runes of a long forgotten time; Ancient spells in endless rhymes; soon the other world appears; Roam to the ghostly river Rhine; Leave the misty shades behind; I can feel I'm getting near.", Demons & Wizards, Blood On My Hands.

3/27/02 - "Will I rise, out of shadow; Staying calm, feeling hollow; I'm here to give me one more chance; That choice is resting in my hands; Let it be, slow down; Watch the pressure fall; Bring me peace, slow down; I can't have it, I can't have it all.", Rob Halford, Slow Down.

9/19/01 - "There's a thin line between love and hate; Wider divide that you can see between good and bad; There's a grey place between black and white; But everyone does have the right to choose the path that he takes; I will hope, my soul will fly; So I will live forever; Heart will die, my soul will fly; And I will live forever.", Iron Maiden, The Thin Line Between Love And Hate.

8/17/01 - "Dying swans twisted wings, beauty not needed here; Lost my love, lost my life, in this garden of fear; I have seen many things in a lifetime alone; Mother love is no more, bring this savage back home.", Iron Maiden, Brave New World.

6/21/01 - "Let me tell you something: you get me killed I'ma kick your ass.", Sherman Augustus, Virus.

11/11/00 - "Democrats piss me off!", Eric Cartman, South Park: Volcano.

11/9/00 - "When you thought you were free; You did not need a reason; No reason to survive; As the big door closes; And you're waiting for the mail; Somebody tell the world; You're buried alive.", Black Sabbath, Buried Alive.

10/11/00 - "Bam, I'd like to bash you in the head; Damn, I can't make sense of what you said; Man, that's just the way it's always been; Yeah, I guess I'm better off dead; F*** tomorrow", Dope, Spine For You.

7/4/00 - "Kickstart and turn me over; Punchdrunk, but I'm still sober; Fourteen years and a whole lot bolder; And I don't flinch; Hungry and I'll take the best; 'Cause I never wanted anything less; What doesn't kill me makes me stronger.", Anthrax, Fueled.

5/21/00 - "Grind time for old misconceptions; Role out new scenery as per suggestion; Won't salute you, won't desert you; Won't be a prisoner to assumption anymore.", Queensrÿche, spOOL.

4/14/00 - "Somewhere there's a reason why things go like they do; Somewhere there's a reason why somethings just fall through; We don't always see them for what they really are; But I know there's a reason, just can't see it from this far.", Megadeth, I Thought I Knew It All.

3/16/00 - "Every town has an Elm Street.", Robert Englund, Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare.

3/13/00 - "Why? Why are the innocent punished? Why the sacrifice? Why the pain? There aren't any promises. Nothing's certain; only that some get called, some get saved. She won't ever know the hardship and grief for those of us left behind. We commit these bodies to the void with a glad heart, for within each seed there is a promise of a flower and within each death, no matter how small, there's always a new life; a new beginning. Amen!", Charles Dutton, Alien³.

12/31/99 - "The lies ten feet tall; Have broken my fall; Welcome you all new millennium; It's well overdue; And I can't wait to; Welcome in a new millennium; I've got this feeling; The tide is turning now baby; Funny feeling; Everything's gonna be alright now.", Dream Theater, New Millennium.

2/09/99 - "Beginnings get complicated the farther we progress; Opinions are calculated; Immune to openness; Beyond the circle's edge; We're driven by her blessings; Forever hesitating; Caught beneath the wheel.", Dream Theater, Innocence Faded.

1/09/99 - "I like people, it's just hard to weed through the stupid ones.", Ted Danson, Becker.

11/15/98 - "Here I come, motherf***ers!", Richard T. Jones, Event Horizon.

9/24/98 - "Ernest Hemmingway once wrote: 'The world is a fine place, and worth fighting for'. I agree with the second part...", Morgan Freeman, Seven.

9/03/98 - "It's another form of suicide; No one knows the reason why she's runnin'; Far Away; And all the fools think they're wise; And the angels they cry; And the people they all gathered round; It was nine twenty-five; When her body arrived; And by noon she was down in the ground; And we all fall down.", Blue Murder, We All Fall Down.

8/23/98 - "Insanity is just a state of mind.", Alan Alda, M*A*S*H.

8/10/98 - "Well, the truth is usually just an excuse for lack of imagination.", Andrew Robinson, Star Trek: DS9 - Improbable Cause.

7/31/98 - "It's time for me to deal; Becoming all too real; Living in fear; Why did you lie and pretend; This has to come to an end; I'll never trust you again; It's time you made your amends; Look in the mirror my friend.", Dream Theater, The Mirror.

7/24/98 - "Hey, teacher! Leave those kids alone.", William Sadler, Disturbing Behavior.

7/21/98 - "Hell has its commandments, too, you know.", Doug Bradley, Hellraiser 3: Hell On Earth.

7/19/98 - "What if this is as good as it gets?", Jack Nicholson, As Good As It Gets.

7/11/98 - "No, Peg. If this were Hell you'd be on the throne and the devil would be packing.", Ed O'Niel, Married...With Children.

7/04/98 - "Cause I heard it in the wind; And I saw it in the sky; And I thought it was the end; And I thought it was the 4th of July.", Soundgarden, 4th of July.

7/01/98 - "Carry me to the shoreline; Bury me in the sand; Walk me across the water; And maybe you'll understand.", Dream Theater, Hollow Years.

6/27/98 - "Would you like a closer look?", David Warner, Waxwork.

6/20/98 - "It's funny. When you give blood the most you can expect is a cup of orange juice, but when you take blood you get headlines.", Miguel Ferrer, The Night Flier.

6/12/98 - "Dead or alive you are coming with me.", Peter Weller, Robocop.

6/06/98 - "Stanley, gay people... Well, gay people are evil. Evil right down to thier cold, black hearts which pump not blood like yours and mine, but rather a thick vomitous oil that oozes through thier rotten veins and clots in thier pea-size brains which becomes the cause of thier Nazi-esque patterns of violent behaviour. Do you understand?", Mr. Garrison, South Park: Big Gay Al's Big Gay Boat Ride.

5/30/98 - "Are you driving with your eyes open, or are you, like, using the Force?", Eddie Murphy, Beverly Hills Cop 2.

5/23/98 - "If you don't put down your malt liquor and chicken wings and get behind someone other than a Running Back who stabs his wife you'll never get rid of somebody like me.", Warren Beatty, Bulworth.

5/21/98 - "Are you aiming for these people?", Samuel L. Jackson, Die Hard With A Vengence.

5/16/98 - "Beware. The toes you step on today may be connected to the ass you'll be kissing tomorrow.", Ving Rhames, Body Count.

5/01/98 - "I'm a marine. We don't plan, we improvise", Keanen Ivory Wayans, Most Wanted.

4/25/98 - "What did you arrest me for, getting beat up without a license?", Jean-Claude Van Damme, Hard Target.

4/22/98 - "You know nothing. Hell is only a word. The reality is much, much worse.", Sam Neill, Event Horizon.

4/18/98 - "You mean we're all going to die because you screwed up on the math!", Kevin J. O'Conner, Deep Rising.

4/12/98 - Happy Easter everyone!!! Nothing huge to update about, but I just joined the DooM Ring. This should help in getting a few more players for my competition. I've started reviewing The Darkening, so I should have another review pretty soon. Head on over to RicRobNet. He's posted a new Rant for all to see. This one seems to be a bit more serious than the old one about Functional Entropy's site so it's not nearly as hilarious...

4/11/98 - Not even one entry for the competition. Why? I've decided to let the same level go another week to see if anyone is paying attention. No new reviews, but I did some work on the links portion of the page. Finally resumed work on MAP07. This thing is taking forever. I'd quit where I am since it's already large enough to be a modest size level, but then I wouldn't be using the full potential of the base design. I planned it to have four different parts: one for each of the three keys, all connected by a single large room; the fourth being the finale, which will take place above ground. All of it will contain my usual abundant monster population. Although I don't populate until the level is completely built I can safely say that this one is pretty much nonstop violence, one trap after another, but before you start worrying, I'll tell you now: you can see most of them coming...

4/04/98 - Posted the level for this week's challenge. I only received one LMP for last week! A good LMP, but what's up? I know there are more demo recording players out there. On another subject TeamTNT's updated DooM engine has been released. Almost all limits are gone and new features have been added. Conveyor belts, true deep water(swimming), thousands of generalized Linedef types. I could list hundreds of improvments, but I'll let the finished product speak for itself. Download it from their page now!!! While thinking about the competition I realized that some of you may want to use updated engines for your demo recording. Before you think about it any further don't waste your time. I've added to the rules section that DooM2 v1.9 must be used. I know BooM is a much better engine for recording, and such, but v1.9 is still the most widely used...

3/30/98 - Minor update to the rules section of the competition page. It states that 100% Secrets is encouraged, but not required. Also posted the best time so far: 10:34. Keep sending me your LMP's...

3/28/98 - The WAD Master's Competition is underway. LMP makers take note...

3/22/98 - Well, two months since I promised the Eternal DooM 3 review, it has arrived! Maybe now I can get back into a semi-regular habit of updating and reviewing. TeamTNT's modified DooM engine will be released in a week or two. It's going to be awesome! Also, EJR's page has moved so I've updated the link. He's also added a weekly demo contest. The challenge is to complete the WAD Pick of the week with 100% Kills on UV. I think I'll try the same thing here, but rather than using WAD's I've recently reviewed I'll just pick one randomly. For example, I might just choose, say, CHORD_NG. Or I might select a level that already has a demo for it, in order for all you players to improve on it, like HR11(improve on the demo in HRUVLMPS, about 38 min.). That's another thing, I might just pull a level from a MegaWAD. Fastest 100% Kills UV demo wins. I'll list all the entries I receive on a new page. Anybody interested?

1/23/98 - This is pathetic! No new reviews in two months. I've played through Strain and Eternal, so these will probably be next. An episode replacement has been released - The Darkening. Done by some very reputable authors, so I'm sure it'll be good. No progress on MAP07. TeamTNT is working on the source code, trying to get rid of those stupid limits. Go to their page to see what's going on. As far as I know, most of the limits have been taken care of. That means no more Savegame Buffer Overflow or HOM on MAP05. On a non-DooM note: I just got Riven. I don't know how much time this'll take, but I'll try to keep updating...

12/25/97 - Merry Christmas to all of you in the DooM Community!!! I've got the best news. First, Eternal DooM 3 demos have been released. Now, the greatest news ever heard: John Carmack has released the DooM Source Code!!! Unfortunately, it only compiles under Linux. No great loss, though, because Lee(finally added his page) has informed me that there is already a DOS Port(no sound or network support, though). Finally, the subject of playing DooM in Slow-Motion came up in the NG's, recently. I found the address of the bytes that can be changed, thanks to Greg Lewis(DeHackEd). Once I figure out how to slow it down to a playable rate for demo recording(please note: this is cheating, and, if used, must be noted in the TXT file) I'll post it here. That's all for now, but it should be enough to last for another few months...

12/07/97 - No significant news, but I thought I should explain why I haven't updated in three weeks. First, I've been busy working(an actual low-paying job). Second, I figured that I'd wait until the Eternal DooM 3 demos are released, but, as you can see, I'm still waiting. Third, and finally, I've been doing some work on MAP07. Almost finished with the first Key hunt, which is quite long, but don't worry, the other two Key hunts will be slightly shorter. File size has reached 370K, and it's still growing. Here's a little quote I found: "...there's about five, to my knowledge, that are bigger, and one is in Requiem.", Adam Williamson about his level, Downer(MAP29 of Requiem). I think once I'm finished with MAP07 it will be one of those five levels...

11/16/97 - Great news!!! Eternal DooM 3 has been released. Pick it up at the TeamTNT site. No demo collection, yet, but I'll post a link here as soon as it's released. Fixed a link error with the CHORD1.WAD review. Did a bit more work on MAP07. Now it's up to 250K...

11/14/97 - Awesome! Two updates in a row! Added a review for the very recently defeated CHORD1.WAD. Time to get back to MAP07...

11/13/97 - Another month without any updates. Responding to yet another challenge, I've created a UV demo for CHORD1.WAD. It lasts 22:41, and is done Master style(the only way to play). Download it here. The cool thing is, it's probably my best demo since last year's P32GMARO. CHORD1 is incredibly hard, yet it's not frustrating, unless you record a perfect demo only to find out that it doesn't play back correctly(I did, but this demo is faster). I'll give you a more in-depth description in the upcoming review. Now that my most recent challenge has been completed, I can resume work on MAP07. I just passed the 200K mark and I haven't even finished the journey to the first Key, yet. :-) DS9 starts in about 20 minutes, which doesn't give me enough time to do anything with MAP07, so that's all for now...